About ZombieFrag:

ZombieFrag is going to be a 2D top-down multiplayer zombie survival shooter with a large focus on looting and crafting.

Yes, zombies again. Roughly the half of all indie games involves zombies. What about? ZombieFrag will contain tons of weapons, vast maps, zombie squads, pet robot companions with miniguns, a complex damage and injury system, scavenging for goods to craft your very own weapon, weapon wearout, player-run bases, zombie manned relay stations, and this isn't even a complete list.

This is a huge project and our team is small, so please don't ask for a release date. But there will be very soon "ZombieFrag - Prelude" as an appetizer, to get a little impression how the graphic later could be and to demonstrate some features of our 2D-Engine.

How ZombieFrag could look like later on: (Rightclick -> View Image to see it in full 1920x1080 pixels)

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