ZombieFrag Prelude

ZombieFrag Prelude is meant to be a technical demonstrations of the abilities of our own engine coupled with a minimal gameplay. The goal is to survive attacks of a zombie horde for five minutes. You can make use of different weapons, but the spawn rate of the zombies grows exponentially. The gameplay itself is currently uncompleted and not all weapons are properly balanced yet. Please notice the GUI, the shaders, the collision detection, particles, and myriads of other techniques. We apologize for the bad sound effects, but it's really hard to find good sounds effects for free. To mention is also that we, of course, do not assume liability or responsibility for any damages.

Developement Builds



Just extract the zip into a folder of your choice and execute the prelude.jar.

Error Reporting

If you encounter any errors please send the log prelode.log with a short description of the bug to zombiefrag@diddiz.de. Suggestions are welcome just as well.

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